Upcoming Events

September 22nd at 7 p.m.

Seaman United Presbyterian Church

17790 Main St, Seaman, OH 45679


October 13th at 7pm

New Beginnings Church

194 Promise Land DrGrayson, Ky 41143


More events will be listed as they are announced. Stay tuned!

Speaker | Beth Stewart

If you would like to book Beth for your next conference or event, let us know on the "Contact Us" page.

The speaking topics below have been adapted from Beth's teachings.  If you have a topic that is not covered below, pelase make a request when booking.

"Dreams Never Expire"

  • Overcoming barriers and obstacles that prevent you from succeeding
  • How to start small and go big despite all of your obstacles
  • Conquering the dream killers
  • What to do in the wilderness and how to make it through

The power of your purpose

  • How to find your God-given purpose
  • “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose” -Myles Munroe
  • How to reach your peak potential
  • You were meant to dream big, and it was meant to come to pass

"Addicted to His Presence"

  • Overcoming all addictions through the presence of God
  • You can and you will overcome
  • All addictions can be broken.
  • Once you encounter His presence, you will be radically transformed

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