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Book Description

Publication Date: April 4th, 2016

Do you try to fill an emptiness in your being with activities, substances, or unhealthy relationships? If so, then this book is for you. Unlike other books that focus on the physical side of addiction, “Addicted to His Presence” addresses the spiritual side of addiction and gets to the root cause of the problem. The bottom line is that the only healthy addiction is being addicted to God’s presence, and this book shows you how to find it and keep it.
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Editorial Reviews

“Addicted to His Presence is a great start for true recovery of addictions.”
Mike Kalfas, MD, FAAFP, certified addiction specialist by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and member of the Northern Kentucky Heroin Impact

“I’ve learned that prayer-getting into His presence-is to our spirit man what air is to our natural man. It’s the key to living a victorious life, free of addiction. In Addicted to His Presence, Beth Stewart not only unlocks this truth, but also shares how you can experience His presence for yourself. Whether you’re struggling daily to overcome an addiction or not, this book is for you.”
Lawrence Bishop II, co-pastor of Solid Rock Church; founder of Hope Over Heroin

“Working on the front lines of the war on addiction, I have witnessed the devastation from people using worldly pleasures to fill voids in their lives. This book provides hope and freedom from addiction through a personal relationship with God who offers true fulfillment.”
Debora Reeves, LCSW, LCADC, co-owner and therapist/alcohol & drug treatment supervisor of Land of Goshen Treatment Center & Lighthouse Professional Counseling Services

“ADDICTION is not a bad word. Beth Stewart’s new book does an incredible job of bringing to light the benefits of being addicted to the presence of GOD. Good read!”
Carl Behanan, station manager, Christian Broadcasting System

“Addicted to His Presence is a real eye opener, full of insight, revelation, and knowledge. A must read for every person who is struggling with hurts, hang-ups, or habits.”
James Turner, founder and president of Bridge the Gap Ministries and US Urban Missionary

“Freedom to walk in your God-given destiny is possible when you partner with your Creator and embrace the biblical principles outlined in this life-changing book.”
Terri Meredith, Terri Meredith Ministries

“We all were created to worship God and being in His Presence always brings life-changing transformation. Addicted to His Presence paints the picture of what it is like to experience God’s Presence. This book is a first step to your own personal transformation with the living God.”
Sheila Salisbury-Sizemore, instructor, Christian Healing Certification Program, Global Awakening

“Simple and easy to understand, yet incredibly powerful!”
Jennifer Minigh, Ph.D., Owner, ShadeTree Publishing

About the Author

Beth Stewart realized the call on her life when she made a commitment for Christ at the age of seventeen.  Her passion is to set the captives free through the truth of Jesus Christ and God’s Word.
Beth is the founder of Triumphant Living radio ministry and the CEO of Beth Stewart Ministries, which reaches over thirty nations.  A Bible teacher, author, public speaker, and radio talk host, Beth also holds a BA in education, an MA in education, and a BS in theology.  She speaks to many church groups, conferences, businesses, and organizations in the effort to bring hope and encouragement to help facilitate the fulfillment of destiny and God-given dreams within people.


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