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Book Description

Publication Date: August 17, 2017
In Emerge: The Power in Your Purpose, Beth provides practical insights and encouragement to help you receive a fresh vision for your life and scriptural guidance to help you find your God-given purpose. Emerge will prove that you when you are on the path of your God-given purpose in life, you will have great power to help others as well and to be fulfilled in your own life. You’ll discover treasures in God’s Word to help you stay on the path of your destiny, and come to understand that when you align your life with His Word, His plan for your life will begin to unfold. You are destined for greatness!
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Editorial Reviews

“Scripture tells us that, ‘Where there is no vision the people perish.’ Our modern life and culture has flooded our eyes and ears with possibilities, but anesthetized our hearts to the primary purpose of our creation. God is awakening a new generation of single minded people who have chosen to pursue God with all their hearts. Beth Stewart is one of those people, and her book Emerge: The Power of Your Purpose is full of practical guidelines to help you discover the point of your creation. God made you and he has many purposes to fulfill through your life. Don’t allow one more day to go by without a sense of god’s divine purpose in your life. I encourage you to read Beth’s book and pursue your purpose today!”
Joan Hunter, Author/Healing Evangelist, JoanHunter.org

About the Author

Beth Stewart realized the call on her life when she made a commitment for Christ at the age of seventeen.  Her passion is to set the captives free through the truth of Jesus Christ and God’s Word.
Beth is the founder of Triumphant Living radio ministry and the CEO of Beth Stewart Ministries, which reaches over thirty nations.  A Bible teacher, author, public speaker, and radio talk host, Beth also holds a BA in education, an MA in education, and a BS in theology.  She speaks to many church groups, conferences, businesses, and organizations in the effort to bring hope and encouragement to help facilitate the fulfillment of destiny and God-given dreams within people.


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