Joy’s Journey — Hardback Edition




Book Description

Publication Date: July 1, 2020
Joy has a good life. He has a home and friends, but he isn’t happy. To find the contentment he’s missing, he decides to go on a journey to fill his life with worldly things. Will Joy find the peace and happiness he’s looking for? Will buying shining, bright things bring contentment?
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About the Author

Beth Stewart realized the call on her life when she made a commitment for Christ at the age of seventeen.  Her passion is to set the captives free through the truth of Jesus Christ and God’s Word.
Beth is the founder of Triumphant Living radio ministry and the CEO of Beth Stewart Ministries, which reaches over thirty nations.  A Bible teacher, author, public speaker, and radio talk host, Beth also holds a BA in education, an MA in education, and a BS in theology.  She speaks to many church groups, conferences, businesses, and organizations in the effort to bring hope and encouragement to help facilitate the fulfillment of destiny and God-given dreams within people.

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